Warranty - CBR Professional


Product warranty content.

Always check your hairdryer before use and do not use if damaged.

If the plug or cable is damaged please contact your CBR Professional UK supplier to avoid accidents. Your CBR UK supplier will replace the appliance free of charge only if it is under warranty.


※ Read the user manual before using the appliance.

  1. Do not stretch the cable during use or when unplugging. Disconnect the hairdryer by turning off the current and carefully taking out the plug.
  2. Do not use if the cable is damaged.
  3. Avoid blockage of the air inlet as this could lead to overheating of the BLDC motor and heating element and could cause malfunction.
  4. When using the double layer nozzle (as opposed to our basic nozzles) there is a heat blocking effect. However, prolonged use can cause even this nozzle to become hot and contact with the scalp could cause burns.
  5. Do not allow children to use this product.
  6. Avoid unsupervised product use by inexperienced individuals. Ensure there is an experienced operator on hand to supervise such use.
  7. Avoid direct contact between the hairdryer and skin, eyes, ears, face and neck.
  8. Do not allow dirt or humidity to enter the appliance as this could cause it to break down.
  9. Avoid stretching, twisting or wrapping the cable around the hairdryer after use as this could cause the cable to come loose or to malfunction. Before using this hairdryer read the instructions and user information carefully to allow proper use of the product.
  10. Do not drop the hairdryer or subject it to impact as this could cause malfunction.
  11. Do not attempt to dismantle or modify the appliance. In case of breakdown please contact your supplier. Appliances which have been modified by non qualified personnel will be considered out of warranty and will not be repaired.


  1. Keep the appliance away from water.
  2. Do not store in humid conditions eg bathroom.
  3. Never use the LEOPA-R2 hairdryer with wet hands or near water, baths, toilets or other liquid containers.
  4. Do not touch the appliance if it falls in water.


WARNING: Failure to comply with these instructions could lead to electric shock or other accidents.

► The manufacturers will not be responsible for damages caused to the appliance in the following circumstances:

  1. Inappropriate use or replacement of any part of the appliance unless specifically indicated by the user manual.
  2. Any problem caused by improper use of the appliance.
  3. Naturaldisastersincludingfires,storms,floodingorabnormal voltage fluctuation.
  4. Inabsenceofthewarrantyorincaseoffalsificationof purchase date, client name and/or distributor information

► In case of loss the warranty will not be reissued.

► Issues not included within the product warranty will be addressed according to the regulations for consumer protection.

This product meets all obligatory requirements stipulated by the CE MARK.

This product is under warranty by CBR for defects in production or in materials during the period of warranty and any defects will be corrected either by repair or substitution of defective components.

This CBR hairdryer is designed only for drying hair and should only be used for this purpose. In the unlikely case of a defect in manufacture or materials the product is guaranteed under law under the following terms:

Professional use: 1 year warranty from the purchase date (a margin of 15 days from purchase date to notify CBR Professional of any possible incidents.)
Non professional use: 2 year warranty from the purchase date

In any case the manufacturer will not be deemed responsible for damage to the product caused by the following factors:

  1. Failure to comply with user instructions.
  2. Connection to inappropriate voltage, physical damage or overloading.
  3. Use of incorrect water type.
  4. The entry of water, dust or insects to the appliance.
  5. Minor faults which do not significantly affect the correct use or value of the appliance.
  6. Incorrect use, insufficient care, violent treatment or substitution of components.
  7. Damage to other objects related to use of the appliance.
  8. Inadequate care taken by delivery personnel.
  9. Inadequate wrapping or storage by the consumer.
  10. Accidents including fires, floods or lightning, etc

This warranty is only valid for original products purchased from the CBR distributor (UK) and does not cover products which have been repaired or reviewed by non CBR personnel.

This warranty will be considered void if the serial or identity numbers are defaced or modified in any way. The warranty will be cancelled if lost or in case of falsification of the purchase date or of the client or distributor name. In case of loss of the warranty a replacement will not be issued.

Issues not included in the warranty will be addressed according to the consumer protection regulations.

For this warranty to be activated it must be accompanied by the purchase documentation and repair request form.

To carry out repairs on this hairdryer please contact your country ́s official distributor who will organise courier collection of the appliance (properly packaged without accessories) along with valid receipt and repair request form (found on the website www.cbrprofessional.com)