Dryer Leopa-R TOP BLDC - CBR Professional

Professional dryer

When the present brings you closer to the future


The professional dryer Leopa-R from CBR Professional is a tool of the future that is installed in your present.

State-of-the-art technology with a lightweight, versatile and functional design. Armed with a luxury motorization, the latest generation of BLDC motors with magnetic block-motor subjection (free of chafing and harmful emissions). Equipped with the highest levels of energy efficiency and also with an innovative aesthetic that distinguishes its uniqueness.


Smart technology at the service of your health and that of your clients.

The new BLCD non-chafing motor and its structure without carbon supports or brushes represent a great advance for both health and the environment and to eliminate the emission of harmful particles for the health of users.

In addition LEOPA-R2 Air Collection with its intelligent method of heat control, emits an optimal cold and strong air that dries the scalp quickly and effectively. Thanks to the cold drying, the humidity inside the hair is kept and the damages caused by the heat are prevented, which allows spectacular and precise results.

For its part, the innovative SUPER IONIC CONDITIONING TM system and its emission of far infrared rays, solves the problems of curling and static electricity. Allowing even softer, brighter drying styles and a preventive effect of possible hair damage.

Intelligent drying system for a bright and healthy result.

A flow and precision of air that breaks records .

1800w with a new enhanced power integrated circuit and a high performance neodymium magnet that, compared to the previous BLDC motor, rotates at much higher speed (RPM).

It captures twice as much air as its supposed competitors, and the flow guidance inside produces an optimized air flow, more abundant and powerful in the outlet that allows to dry completely the long and thick hair in a short period of time.

Power and control for a higher speed air.

The LEOPA-R presents a design developed to meet all needs.
Its lightness, ergonomics and safety provide great benefits for the user. Providing an important physical relief in arms, wrists and a great postural rest.

Easy, comfortable and with maximum security . Does anyone give more? …

In CBR Professional we like to do things right.

Our products comply with the strictest European and international regulations, in order to GUARANTEE our users a product of proven quality that complies with the standards and current regulations of energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

EC Regulation
It is the process by which the manufacturer / importer informs users and competent authorities that the equipment marketed complies with the mandatory legislation on essential requirements.

Its fundamental objective is to ensure compliance with essential requirements so that the products do not present risks for people, domestic animals, goods and / or the environment, as well as facilitate controls on the Community market and clarify the obligations of economic agents regarding the market.

RoHS Certification
The RoHS directive is responsible for restricting the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of electrical and electronic equipment. It was adopted in February 2003 by the European Union. Often referred to as the “lead-free” directive, it limits the use of the following six substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI, PBB and PBDE (flame retardant substances used in some plastics).

For CBR Professional compliance with regulations is a commitment of quality to our distributors that guarantees the safety and satisfaction of its customers.

LEOPA-R TOP BLDC the latest generation in BLDC engines.
The last generation engine -BLDC digital- of high power, has a very high electrical-mechanical performance as well as a long life of 20,000 hours.

Thanks to the magnetic clamping system of the motor-block, its structure does not have supports or carbon brushes, which eliminates the harmful microparticles present in old conventional motors.

It also has a torque of high RPM and the fastest and most powerful digital control method of its generation, providing total control over the flow and speed of the dryer air.

Endowed with a silent design and a light structure, the engine has improved in terms of noise and weight compared to its previous versions.

The LEOPA-R TOP BLDC engine adds control, efficiency and safety to power.

Power, technology and versatility, synonyms of savings and efficiency.

The improvements and capabilities of the LEOPA-R TOP BLDC represent an assured saving in working hours and energy consumption, which is beneficial both for our health and for our pocket.

Some features that maximize its functionality are the digital touch switch integrated in the handle and the hot / cold exchange button, changes in speed and air temperature are managed quickly and easily. Its intelligent memory, remembers what was the last work program used and uses it when starting a new ignition.

Saving time and consumption , enjoy maximum performance.

You will be surprised by our value for money. Get a small investment for a great opportunity for your business.